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4-achsiger motorisierter Mikromanipulator (Sutter Instrument)
Sutter Instrument  Quad, 4-Axis Motorized Micromanipulator

The QUAD®, part of the new generation of Sutter Instrument motorized micromanipulators, is easy to use and features four independent axes. Each axis has a 25mm range of motion, a digital display of position and an ROE control. The compact, intuitive controller takes up minimal bench space, is fan free and is easy to use. Three axes provide the X, Y, Z-orthogonal motion typical of most motorized micromanipulators. In the QUAD, Sutter introduces a true fourth axis to move the electrode coaxially at exactly the desired angle of approach. The fourth axis has 30mm of travel that significantly extends the range of travel for the system.

The QUAD is very easy to operate. The compact design takes up minimal bench space, has ROE control, a digital display of position, is fan free and intuitive to use. ROE inputs for each axis allow facile manual control of electrode position. Five conveniently located buttons control all of the basic functions that you will need in normal operation. Press and hold the [WORK] button to quickly store a work position; press [WORK] again and the manipulator will return to the same location. [HOME] sends the manipulator to an initial location or any user defined position, which is useful for changing electrodes rapidly. When you are ready to begin collecting data the motor drive electronics can be suppressed by pressing [LOCK]. Display coordinates can be zeroed at any location by pressing [RELATIVE]; go back to absolute coordinates by pressing [RELATIVE] again. Finally, [PULSE] activates a pulse movement mode that produces small, rapid bursts of motion that can be advantageous for sharp electrode cell penetration.




30 mm on diagonal 4th axis
25 mm on X, Y and Z axes

Control Box
14 cm × 19 cm × 10.2 cm


115/230 V,
50/60 Hz power line

CE Certificate