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Anästhesiemaske für Mäuse (Narishige)
Narishige GM-4  Anesthetic Mask for Mice

Can be used for experiments with anesthesia

This extremely compact anesthesia mask hold the nose in place when attached to the holding adaptor's nose holder. The lab animal can be held firmly at 3 points (ear/mouth/nose). The GM-3 for rats is used with the SR-5R-HT / SR-6R-HT or RA-6N while the GM-4 for mice is used with the SR-5M-HT / SR-6M-HT or MA-6N.




Dimensions/Weight     W 20 × D 28 × H 14 mm, 10 g

Inlet/outlet connecting port for anesthesia     Outer diameter ø 4 mm



This mask cannot be attached with the head holder for MRI measurement (SRP-AM) or newborn rats/mice (SRS-A).

The GM-4 cannot be attached to SG-4N. To mount GM-4 on a head holder, SGM-4 is available.