Catalog A


Stimulators, Isolators

Filters, Discriminators



Catalog B

Micropipette Fabrication:  Pullers, Bevelers/Grinders, Microforges

Microinjection Systems, Drug Application Systems

Iontophoresis Systems, Vibroslicers



Catalog C

Interfaces, Software for Analysis and Acquisition


Catalog D

Manipulators & Steppers

Tower Systems, Manipulator Stands, Microscope xy-Translators

Vibration IsolationTables & Plattforms, Faraday Cages, 19"Racks




Catalog E

Perfusion Systems

Recording Chambers  

Brain Slice & Tissue Chambers

Temperature Controllers, Thermal Stages, Inline Heaters, Syringe Warmers, Cooling Devices



Catalog F

Temperature Measuring Systems

Stereotaxic Instruments

Infusion Pumps/Syringes




Catalog G

Ag AgCl Electrodes

Metal Electrodes

Filaments and Accessories for Sutter Pullers


Wires   Connectors  Tubing

Microelectrode Holders     Optogenics Holders (Optopatcher)



Catalog H

Microscopes, Optical Wavelength Changers & Light Sources